If a leaked survey is to be believed, Dragon Age 3 could feature online co-op and will cast players as an Inquisitor tasked with managing armies, spies and political connections to save a world torn apart by civil war.

Taken from a condensed summary on Neogaf (in turn copied from the Bioware forums), one translated synopsis tells of how a "portal between the worlds unleashes hords of demons in the land, civil wars rip apart nations and the corruption is limitless. Someone is behind the shadows, drawing the threads which destroy the world. Time has come for the Inquisition."

Potentially set in Orlais, possible titles for the game range from Dragon Age 3: Inquisition to Dragon Age 3: Exarch. Also featured were screenshots of a range of character designs, with users of the survey being asked to rate their appeal on a scale.

Users were meanwhile reportedly asked to highlight text from a description of the game's plot, indicating what elements they found engaging. "As the Inquisitor, it falls to you to build up your power and martial your forces, uncover secrets and build connections across the world," an example reads. "You must explore forgotten spaces, uncover ancient mysteries and uproot those who would destroy the fabric of the world".

With the player able to make their character "a rogue, warrior or mage and set up your crew from up to ten (!) complex companions to lead them against those who attack you by systematically spying on, revealing and destroying them," it seems almost as if the franchise is delving into the realms of strategy.

None of this information has been confirmed by Bioware or EA, of course, so until we find out either way it'd be wise to take this information with a hefty pinch of salt. We'll have more on the story as it comes.