Getting a present for a gamer over the holidays isn't as easy a matter as it may sound. Sure, you want to get him or her a game to play, but which game? What system? You want to get them the right game for the genre they enjoy, and that's where we come in. In our 2008 Holiday Gift Guide all you need to know is what kinds of video games they play, and plan accordingly. Do they like shooting things? We've got some games for them. If they like racing, yeah, we've got the shopping list covered too. A bevy of genres for you to peruse lay below, so that you can rest knowing you're getting them the right gift this year.

Below you'll find our Holiday Picks for the PSP. To check out our full guide, please visit out Holiday Guide Index.

For the Action Fan...

God of War: Chains of Olympus
For intense beat 'em up action on the go, you can't beat mini-kratos for some butt-kicking bus action. The controls are silky smooth, the graphics outstanding, and action unforgivingly bone crunching. In fact, this PSP iteration stands up to it's bigger PS2 brothers without missing a beat. Any PSP owner old enough to witness the sheer amounts of bloodshed and sexual content owes themselves the chance to take Kratos for a spin on the PSP.

For the Music Lover...

This isn't a music game in the traditional sense. Rather, it's a strategy RPG that requires rhythmic reflexes to play. Orders are given only through hitting drum beats through different button combinations in rhythm with a pulse. As you outfit your patapons with better weapons, armor and unlock the awesome minigames, you'll still never tire of that addicitive Pata-Pata-Pata-Pata beat. I swear, you'll take that beat to your grave, and it will only cost you $15 to get there.

For The Role-Playing Fan...

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation Portable is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII. You control the character of Zack Fair and play through the events leading up to the beginning of FF7. As Zack, you investigate the mysterious disappearance of a large number of soldiers from Shinra, including their leader, Genesis. Along the way you'll come across classic FF7 characters but to have played FF7 beforehand is not a requirement to appreciate this game. With an action focused battle system, endlessly customizable materia, 300 side missions, and a compelling storyline, Crisis Core will appeal to both casual gamers and fans of the series.

Fun For The Whole Family...

The sequel to the popular internet flash game hits the PSP harder than a freight train. The N stands for Ninja (+ for expansion pack), which explains all the jumping and dodging around dozens of levels. This one will keep the casual gamer busy for hours to come, and it retails for only $20!

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