Getting a present for a gamer over the holidays isn't as easy a matter as it may sound. Sure, you want to get him or her a game to play, but which game? What system? You want to get them the right game for the genre they enjoy, and that's where we come in. In our 2008 Holiday Gift Guide all you need to know is what kinds of video games they play, and plan accordingly. Do they like shooting things? We've got some games for them. If they like racing, yeah, we've got the shopping list covered too. A bevy of genres for you to peruse lay below, so that you can rest knowing you're getting them the right gift this year.

Below you'll find our Holiday Picks for the Nintendo Wii. To check out our full guide, please visit out Holiday Guide Index.

For the Action Fan...

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
If you've ever taken a flashlight and made whoosing and crashing sounds while pretending to duel Darth Vader, this game is for you. By giving players full control over a plethora of force powers, they'll be given the opportunity to see what it feels like to be a badass with a fistful of force vengeance. The game certainly has a few flaws like linear level design and floaty controls, but that won't matter when you're flinging TIE fighters at hapless Storm troopers. A must buy for any Star Wars fan on your christmas list.

Fun For The Whole Family...

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
A farming simulator that is fun? Madness. But it's true. Tree of Tranquility builds upon the HM games before it, creating a much better experience with a whole slew of things to do. And besides, who doesn't want to raise (and ride!) ostriches.

Wii Fit
Are you reading this at a computer? Are there discarded Taco Bell wrappers near by? Empty soda bottles, perhaps? If you have answered 'yes' to any or all of these questions, you may possibly need a way to shed a few extra pounds, and Nintendo has got a solution for you.

While Wii Fit won't really get you back into shape, it is a good distraction as you wait for that inevitable heart attack. Feel better about that stick of butter you swabbed across your McGriddle for breakfast with this interactive activity center ideal for the self conscious or wholly energetic.

A good way to possibly trim those extra holiday pounds, Wii Fit is great way to make the most of your Wii this holiday!

World of Goo
You might've built towers before. You might've played with goo before. But it's probable that you have yet to build towers with goo before! World of Goo, with its unique art style will keep your mind running to figure out how you're supposed to build around, over and through the myriad of obstacles placed in your way. Simply put, it's an enthralling physics based puzzle builder game that's really unlike anything else.

For The Racing Fan...

Mario Kart Wii
Mario and the extended family are back in the latest iteration of this genre-defining racer. Use your Wii remote with included wheel attachment to speed your way to victory in this family-friendly game. Great for a single racer or group of up to four, Mario Kart has racers firing shells, dropping bombs, using speed boosts and all sorts of wacky power ups as they try to get that illusive first place medal.

Replay value is added through a wide variety of characters and vehicles to choose from, to be played on 32 tracks both new and old. Players can also login via WiFi to race players from across the globe. A truly social game, Mario Kart Wii shines when played by multiple racers in the same room.

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