From Hudson comes a title that the demo-er called "a cross between 24 and CSI", a action crime drama called Miami Law. In it, you take the role of both Law Martin and Sara Starling, officers in the police department in Miami, a city that's beginning to come under attack from unknown criminal elements.

Law Martin is your typical rogue cop: rough around the edges, breaking the rules every now and then. Starling is the Scully to his Mulder; she likes to stop to think about things, and thus she's in forensics. The game is a story driven affair, with a lot of dialogue between characters, seperated by investigative searches by the two cops.

The dialogue and menu-driven interface (walk, use, examine, etc) is broken up by a number of events in which you must do a variety of actions. These can be simple as avoiding traffic while speeding downtown to something a little more involved like shooting enemies as you duck and hide behind cover, Time Crisis-esque.

Integral to the game is the ability to choose which side of the story you wish to see. At various points, you'll have to option to choose either Martin or Starling's side of the plot to follow. As you do, your partner's current status is on the top screen, which is interesting when the two characters meet up and exchange information; you'll get a feeling of deja vu if you've played through that part of the story using the other character.

The person demoing the game to me informed me that the title was translated specifically to accomodate the typical slang one would see in Miami, so as to avoid any out-of-place translation oddities. All in all, the game has 6 chapters, which I'm told should take about 8-9 hours for one character, double that to see both characters' side of the story. To see if it'll all come together in one neat package, you won't have to wait long: Miami Law is released later this June.