Vivendi Universal Publishing, a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal, holds leading positions in all areas of content creation, including literature, reference, education, educational software and games and consumer press.

In the global publishing market, it is the No. 3 worldwide - the only international publisher with a truly global reach and a presence in four key language areas with strong local brands.

Vivendi Universal Publishing (formerly Havas) has aggressively refocused on content and creative activities to become the publishing division of Vivendi Universal. In line with this strategy, Vivendi Universal Publishing acquired Houghton Mifflin, one of America's most prestigious publishers. Divestment of Vivendi Universal Publishing's business to business, health activities and local transactions is in progress.

Through a policy of digitizing content, geographical diversity of operations, and wide-ranging expertise in content creation, Vivendi Universal Publishing is also committed to pursuing a strategy of multi-platform distribution.