Turbine is dedicated to developing leading technologies for the creation and operation of large-scale online persistent worlds. Turbine technological innovations have created, the Turbine Engine™ 2.0, a generic toolset for the efficient building of dynamic 3D virtual worlds. The Turbine Engine™ 2.0 provides the framework for non-technical staff to readily create functional three-dimensional environments and enables conventional game development teams to create massively multiplayer persistent virtual worlds without duplicating years of high-risk research and development. Turbine Engine™ 2.0 technology supports thousands of users in a single continuous space that can be linked with similar spaces to form a massive 3D world supporting tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of simultaneous users who can interact in real time. This technology brings an unmatched level of immersion to users through its realism and its ability to grow and change dramatically over time. It supports conventional narrowband technology and can scale to exploit broadband networks. Turbine industry-leading technology effectively addresses bandwidth management, advanced server load balancing techniques, game operations and other areas required to host virtual worlds and properly manage client networks.