With U.S. headquarters in Santa Ana, California, Tomy Corporation is one of the worlds' oldest and most endearing toy companies. For more than eight decades, Tomy has developed and manufactured a broad portfolio of exciting and educational toys, games and video games for toddlers, preschoolers and children. Known for its innovation, quality and safety, Tomy's mission is to produce toys and merchandise that entertain and inspire children and adults.

Founded in 1924 by Eichiro Tomiyama in Tokyo, Japan, Tomy has a long and rich history of producing a multitude of popular products widely recognized across the globe. Recipient of myriad awards for excellence, milestone achievements include the introduction of the first large scale toy export from Japan into the U.S., the B29 Airplane in 1951. Tomy also created one of the world's first battery operated toys in 1956 (Bubble Blowing Elephant) and it became a pioneer of plastic toys in 1959 when it debuted the Plastic Locomotive Rail Set, forerunner of the popular Thomas & Friends series.

In 1965 Tomy introduced a sophisticated vertical-type voice mechanism which led to the worldwide production of talking dolls and telephones, then pushed die-cast technology to the forefront with its creation of Tomica miniature cars along with their realistic proportions and details in 1970. Pop-Up Pirates became Tomy's preeminent action game in 1975. For the next two decades, Tomy Corporation in the U.S. focused on its ever-popular Preschool brand of toys, bath toys and games including classics like Push 'N Go vehicles, Hide 'N Squeak eggs and Wacky Sticks.

Tomy introduced the venerable Thomas & Friends line of family-friendly trains and characters throughout the early 2000's and followed in 2002 with MicroPets. MicroPets were awarded the Guinness World Record for the smallest sound-activated self-powered toy and went on to sell well over five million pieces in the first six months and topped many Holiday "Hot Toy" lists. In 2006 Tomy's Naruto video game series was a runaway hit, becoming one of the top selling games for the Nintendo GameCubeā„¢.