Robomodo officially launched September 30, 2008 as a new game developer dedicated to producing top-tier products for current and next generation console platforms. The company, based in Chicago and formed in January of 2008, has a strong track record for marrying solid game design with an innovative artistic style. This team of 45 is looking to expand over the next year in order to support game development for established series, and eventually for its own IP, for multiple platforms, including PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PC, and handhelds.

Robomodo was founded by five partners - Joshua Tsui (Director), David Michicich (CEO and Creative Director), Nick Ehrlich (COO and Director of Project Management), Peter Sauerbrei (CTO) and Richard Ho (Motion Director). Four of the five partners (Josh, David, Rich, and Nick) first worked together in the early 90's at Midway Games on titles that included the Mortal Kombat series. Josh, David, and Peter went on to work at EA Chicago in 2005 and started Robomodo upon EA's closure of its Chicago office.

Robomodo's team members have substantial experience working together on building and reinvigorating AAA titles. The company's engineering team is very well versed in creating and working with new technology that exploits the capabilities of current generation console hardware, and the art and design teams have had great success on delivering a fulfilling game play experience.

Tsui, who has 15 years of AAA game production experience, has directed and managed large teams for publishers such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft, THQ and Midway Games. Michicich, a 14-year veteran game developer, served as Mortal Kombat's Art Director and brought his next-gen experience to the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Fight Night Round 3, as the project's Technical Art Director at EA.

Ehrlich has 15 years of project management experience in the industry and helped ship two successful AAA titles for the Microsoft Xbox: Tao Feng, Fist of the Lotus, published by Microsoft Games, and Wrestlemania 21, published by THQ.

Sauerbrei has worked as a senior software engineer for the last 10 years for multiple companies on several AAA titles including, Tao Feng, Wrestlemania XXI, Fight Night Round 3, and Def Jam ICON. During his 13-year game career, Ho has worked with such publishers as Atari Corporation, Midway Games, Microsoft and THQ and garnered great acclaim for the motion work on Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus and Wrestle Mania 21.