Founded as Emergent Software in 1993, Ratbag is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Ratbag's first title 'Powerslide' was released in 1998 and was a worldwide hit. From there the company has grown to over 55 employees and is now considered by many to be the among the world's premier PC racing game developers. Ratbag have studios in Adelaide and Sydney, and co-own the motion-capture studio 'Madcap'.

Ratbag's titles are driven by the company's proprietary Difference EngineĀ®. This was the first PC engine in the world to support unlimited textures and 60 frame per second high resolution graphics. Both Powerslide and Ratbag's second release, 'Dirt Track Racing' received consistently high reviews, and both were awarded 'Racing Game of the Year' by sections of the gaming media.

Ratbag's focus at present is spread between PC and PlayStation 2. The company's goal in respect of its console division is to earn a position on the world stage at the forefront of PS2 development. Ratbag has the track record and the talent to produce first-rate PS2 titles, while continuing to build upon its heritage as a world-class developer for PC.

The Ratbag story is one of struggle and ultimately success. Greg Siegele and Richard Harrison spent three years and all of their personal savings developing the company's early technology. In 1996 they took the original Powerslide demo to E3, knowing that if no publishing deal were forthcoming the company would have to close its doors. Thankfully, Powerslide was the hit of the show, and before they knew it Greg and Richard had no fewer than eight of the biggest publishers in the industry engaged in a bidding war for the rights.

In the year 2001, Ratbag's vision is simple. Continue to grow, continue to innovate and continue to strive towards the goal of joining the world's developing elite on PS2. Spin and Next are the titles that will propel Ratbag into this next generation. And the Ratbag team are already making it happen.