Frogster Interactive Pictures AG has been founded in 2005 after a management buy-out of a PC games publisher. Frogster focuses the growing market of massive multiplayer online games (please refer to Spotlight MMO games). To achieve a strategic market position, Frogster has among others acquired stakes in the cooperation partners OnlineWelten and Yusho as well as co-founded Frogster Studios in Korea and Online Embassy GmbH. OnlineWelten is the largest German language editorial MMO game internet portal site, Yusho one of the very few German companies holding the technical infrastructure and know how to operate MMO games in the internet. Frogster Studios produces an own, unique MMO game under the management and participation of highly experienced minds of the globally leading Korean MMO game industry (please refer to Holdings). Frogster Studios also plans to step into publishing of MMO games in Asia still in 2007. MMO games are persistent, interactive virtual worlds in excellent 3D-visual quality, in which Thousands of members use their individual avatars to interact, building a virtual existence. The high identification with the own virtual hero and the outstanding richness of experience results in the majority of users spending between 10 to 40 hours weekly in their virtual world - apart from the subscription fees required this also leads to an increased willingness to pay for purely virtual items. Frogster has released its first MMO game in Germany 2007 available in a box and operated as a subscription model and plans the release of another such MMO game.

Focussing on online games, the publishing business of conventional pc games was spun off July 1st 2007 into the wholly owned subsidiary FIP Publishing GmbH in order to create the precondition for an equity acquisition of third parties.

On January 2007, the Frogster group employed a team of more 70 personnel.