Established in 1986, UK-based Codemasters has become one of Europe's best-selling and profitable game-makers, developing and publishing titles for console platforms as well as for PCs. Frequently honored within the European games industry, the company was named "Publisher of the Year" for 1998 by Edge Magazine.

It dominated international sales charts in 1998, as it has done every year since its founding. Chart-toppers include Micro Machines, Colin McRae Rally, TOCA Touring Cars and Brian Lara Cricket. Another recent critical and popular success was the company's widely heralded Music product, the only music creation system for the PlayStation format and a frequently cited example of the company's commitment to innovation. (The Colin McRae title reached the top-selling position in over 26 markets worldwide.)

Codemasters' consistent leadership position has been the result of a policy of steady, controlled growth, with European satellite operations in France, Germany, Spain and Scandinavia. Integral to this successful international growth has been the company's willingness to commit all the necessary marketing resources required to bring its products to the attention of the game-buying public. Strong licensing and branding arrangements have likewise been key.

Currently, the company is extending its proven successful business model into the USA, bringing the Codemasters portfolio of hit games to still other markets. Initially, sales and distribution operations have been set up in the Southern California area by way of an arrangement with leading US game publisher Activision. Among the first Codemasters products which appeared on US retail shelves (holiday '99) were Touring Car Challenge, MTV Music Generator: Music Creation for the PlayStation (released in Europe under the title "Music 2000") and No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing. A wide and varied slate of additional products are coming into US retail channels in year 2000.

The company's ability to achieve profitable, self-funded growth is made possible by its commitment to publishing only the very finest computer and video games. It is the company founders' passionate belief in the need to understand what game players want that has translated into a continuous string of hit games, games that have delighted gamers, earned the respect of the industry and yielded consistent profits.