BreakAway Games designs and develops retail, online and proprietary military games with particular expertise in strategy, sports and historical simulations for all platforms. Although BreakAway Games was founded just three years ago in 1998, most employees are longtime, successful veterans of the interactive entertainment industry. Together, the members of BreakAway Games have brought over 50 titles to market in a variety of genres and platforms. Most recently, BreakAway Games was the developer of the award-winning game, Sid Meier's Antietam!, which received the highest honors from numerous computer gaming publications and was named 'Wargame of the Year' by Computer Gaming World magazine.

Led by industry veteran Doug Whatley, BreakAway Games includes core development teams from OT Sports, MicroProse Software, Avalon-Hill and TalonSoft. ABC's Monday Night Football '98, The Battleground Series and The Great Campaigns of the Civil War are among the critically acclaimed titles produced by BreakAway Games' employees.

BreakAway Games has long-term relationships with several major publishers and has produced products for Hasbro, Disney, ABC Sports, MicroProse, and Firaxis. BreakAway Games' proprietary software model is in use at the Army War College, Naval War College, and The Joint Chiefs Office of Net Assessment. At present, BreakAway Games is under contract to several companies and government organizations to produce content.