Blitz Games is an independent games development company established by Philip & Andrew Oliver who started writing games in 1981, with the first published games appearing in 1984. By 1986 their distinctive brand of playable, imaginative, quality games led to incredible success with 7% of all UK game sales attributed to The Oliver Twins with games such as the Dizzy series, the Simulator series and Ghostbusters 2. This resulted in over 10 UK Number 1 best sellers and over 3 million sales.

In 1991 the company was formed (then called Interactive Studios) to employ creative people in-house, in well equipped, well managed offices in Leamington Spa, just one and a half hours north of London.

Over the years the company has developed over 50 games across virtually all platforms.
Blitz Games are now official developers for Xbox, PlayStation2, PlayStation, Dreamcast, PC CD, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color.

There are now over 120 dedicated, professional employees who work in a young, friendly, well structured environment all with the ambition to ensure that Blitz Games will be recognised as one of the most creative and highly regarded companies in the games business.