While action adventure games have currently been presented with unique storylines, sometimes the best plot can be found by looking back at the classics. The Shadow of Aten is an action adventure game that will give you that old school, relic hunting, adventure feeling, similar to that of the Indiana Jones series.

The game takes place in Egypt just before the start of World War II, and the Germans are currently in the process of stealing antiques and treasures from Egypt in order to fund a future attack upon the country. The player will take control of Alan Scott, a former soldier from Britain. Alan becomes entangled in the Nazi scheme and ends up traveling to a variety of locales in order to foil the efforts of the Germans. While this plot sounds like a great idea for a video game, the Indiana Jones style adventure is only enhanced with the Spanish Orchestra featured in the trailer.

Currently, the game engine in use is the Source engine, and will allow for some incredible environments. The game footage that was shown in the trailer was quite impressive and allows for both 1st person and 3rd person viewpoints at different areas in the game. A variety of modes of transportation will be used such as cars, but Shadow of Aten will also feature camels that you can ride in the desert. Now when's the last time you saw that in a video game?

The Silicon Garage Arts developers are also planning to have cities, which will be open ended and allow players to wander through them. Shadow of Aten will also feature a variety of puzzles and labyrinths that Alan will have to navigate in order to complete the game. The adventure eventually leads to a final confrontation with the final boss, Anubis. We were able to get a look at the textural modeling for Anubis, and though we were not able to see it action, the design is quite creative and very well designed to fit ancient Egypt mythology.

The Shadow of Aten is still a long ways from being on store shelves, but the story line is so well thought out and designed that it quickly became a personal favorite at E3. Designed for the PC with a possible port to the Xbox 360, Shadow of Aten is still looking for a publisher and ideally, it is scheduled for release around Q2 2008.