King’s Bounty: The Legend, a knight saga that blends role-playing adventure and battle strategy in a fantasy land, will be released in February 2009 by Nobilis and Ascaron Entertainment. Players lead a character through their life, travelling across continents to fulfil the orders of Kings by unlocking mysteries and solving puzzles. Uniquely this increases the character’s skills, which in turn provides the opportunity to take a wife and raise a family.

Players choose their character, be it Warrior, Mage or Paladin. A Warrior is an experienced leader able to slice through enemies with a sword in each hand; a Mage can become a master of magic defeating whole armies with mystical energy; a Paladin is a strong fighter that can harness divine magic to defeat demonic adversaries. Once this decision is made, players customise their character and begin their quest.

As the journey unfolds characters develop key combat skills, learn magic tricks, engage in incredible battles and are able to take a wife and have children. A wife gives useful bonuses to the character and his army, adding the ability to wear more equipment and be more successful in battle. If she agrees to have children, a child will soon appear adding further bonuses to the character. Each wife can have up to four children but in the case of divorce, the wife will take all the children, any equipment and 1/5 of gold reserves.

When a level is completed a Rune of Talent is collected. Runes act as currency that allows characters to learn or upgrade skills. The character’s leadership, attacking and defence skills as well as intellect can all be developed, which enables them to complete difficult quests against formidable foes. Depending on the character’s skills and development, they can also use Mana, the force needed to cast magic spells, to overcome enemies. During battle they will be able to summon the Spirits of Rage; four powerful creatures able to crush enemies, poison whole armies and control time and space.

In anticipation of the release of King’s Bounty: The Legend for PC in February 2009 a demo has now been made available, allowing a taste of the game’s spectacular environments, unique creatures and ferocious enemies.

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